B&K Express Freight - Seafreight Container Transport

B&K Express – for all your FCL Transport needs.

B&K Express Freight is a well-established Sea Freight transport company that has built itself a solid and respected name within the industry since its establishment in 1994.

B&K Express Freight is a company that prides itself on its down to earth and friendly customer service. Our main focus is to maintain strong and healthy relationships with our customers. Even through growth periods and busy times we don’t lose sight of who’s important to us – and that’s our customers.

B&K originally started off as an Airfreight Carrier in the Tullamarine area but more recently has moved its focus to Sea Freight and is predominantly an FCL Transport Specialist.

We are now located in Tottenham, only 8km from the wharf precinct.

We’ve grown at a rapid rate in recent years to become one of the larger transport fleets in Melbourne and are slowly gaining a healthy share of the marketplace.

B&K Express can assist you with all your FCL Transport needs.